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Team O'Neil | Build



Team O’Neil has been building and racing rally cars for over fifteen years and has won
many US and North American Rally Championships. Our years of experience building
and racing cars has given us the ability to prepare some of the strongest and fastest
cars in North America.

Ford Fiesta R1

The Fiesta R1 is a production based rally car. Featuring a lightweight FIA approved T45 rollcage,
upgraded suspension and brake systems, and all the safety gear necessary to race anywhere in
North America, the Fiesta R1 is a solid platform for beginners looking for a modern, entry-level rally

Ford Fiesta R2

The Fiesta R2 is built to dominate the two-wheel-drive class. Working directly with M-Sport and
Ford Racing, we outfit our Fiesta R2 rally cars with sequential flat-shift transmissions, fully
adjustable Reiger suspension, AP Racing brakes and clutch, 1.6L race engines, and everything
else you’ll need to destroy the competition.

Our Fiesta R2s consistently win the two wheel drive class at races in the US and Canada, and have
finished as high as 4th overall at a Rally America National event against the all wheel drive turbo

Partial Builds

We offer a full spectrum of build services. Want us to do your rollcage and shell prep so all you
have to do is bolt everything back together? Maybe you’re looking for just the suspension and
brake upgrades or would like to purchase one of our race engines for your Fiesta? No problem, let
us know what we can do to help you out.

We also offer any and all of the M-Sport R2 parts, as well as any Ford Racing parts that will fit on a
Ford Fiesta or Focus. We have the new Bilstein 46mm Motorsport shocks in stock, and can fit
them to almost any vehicle.

Rally Car Kits

For those looking to build their own cars from the ground up, we offer comprehensive rally car kits
that provide you with every part and piece necessary to turn your daily driver into a full-on rally
car. These kits are engineered and produced in the UK by M-Sport, and come with a full build
manual that guides you through every step of the process with full color photos. The rollcage
welding must be performed by one of our approved welders, but the rest of the project will be in
your hands.