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Looking for a taste of rally driving?  We offer one day classes in our Ford Fiesta school cars that will give you an excellent foundation and understanding of the basic techniques and skills necessary to start rallying or rallycrossing.  The day will start with a brief classroom session covering left foot braking, the five types of skids, and the basic physics of sliding cars around corners.

You’ll then be driving around on our skidpad and slalom courses, learning the proper use of left foot braking to deal with understeer and oversteer situations as they occur (and they will)!  With different types of corners and different grip levels throughout the day, you’ll work on using your hands, feet, and eyes to get the vehicle through each exercise with speed and style.

The training day wraps up with the Accident Avoidance Exercise, a vital part of any driver training that we include in all courses here at Team O’Neil.  Hopefully, you’ll never need it… but its important to have the reactions and muscle memory in your system just in case.

After you’re done with the day’s exercises, the instructors will take you on hot laps around some of the facility roads, certainly good fun and a real eye-opener for anyone looking to get into the sport.

Pricing has been set at $569, which of course includes any potential damages.  Should you chose to continue your training here with us and sign on for a multi-day class in the future, you will receive a discount as a past student (Sign on for a 4-Day and take the full $569 off your class).


Our Two Day Rally Course starts with a day on the skidpad and slalom courses, which has a similar schedule to our Fiesta Rally Experience course, but features a separate curriculum and schedule changes to introduce more skills and seat time to prepare you for the challenges of the second day.  Also, Day 1 ends with a basic mechanical class in the Team O’Neil Motorsports garage, as any aspiring or accomplished driver should have at least a cursory understanding of vehicle systems and mechanics.

The second day introduces several more skills and situations, you’ll be introduced to a variety of corners on our skidpad and slalom courses ranging from fast, easy corners to slower, much more difficult turns.  You’ll also be introduced to the Pendulum Turn (Scandinavian Flick) which is a useful and entertaining way to get around tighter turns.

In the afternoon, you’ll be stepping out of our Ford Fiestas into our Audi Quattros for a taste of all-wheel-drive rally action.  Priced at $1897, it’s the best introduction into the world of rallying available anywhere.


Each day builds directly on the last.  The third day will see you choosing between front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive as you tackle our slalom course for the last time before moving on to real roads.  You’ll be doing pendulum turns in both directions, left foot braking through a longer and more complex slalom course, and dealing with different levels of traction and road camber throughout.

After introducing and practicing a technique called Trail Braking, we’ll be driving on a course that connects our skidpad and slalom areas with a stretch of real roads that will offer a whole new set of challenges.  You’ll learn how to tackle up and downhill turns, blind corners, increasing and decreasing radius corners, and much more.

Your judgment and decision making skills will be tested, and by now you will have plenty of tools in your toolbox to choose from depending on the situation.

Priced at $3,392, you’ll get three full days of seat time in a variety of vehicles, following the same curriculum used to teach Champions like Travis Pastrana, B.J. Baldwin, Ken Block, and Brian Deegan.


Your fourth day here at the Rally School will see you using your choice of front-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive, and for the first time rear-wheel-drive vehicles on our skidpad and slalom areas as well as a ever-expanding series of rally roads.  Our roads have been specifically built to put you in many different situations and give you the opportunity to test the skills and reactions that you’ve been practicing and honing for the last three days.

On Day 4, you’ll be getting a serious amount of road time, perfecting the five kinds of braking, learning to read the terrain and ever changing conditions, and testing your own limits on miles of mountainous rally roads.  No other school in the country has elevation change even close to what you’ll experience here, as you’re swinging the car through the hills and valleys of our private 560 acre facility.

The 4-Day Rally Course also includes the official Rally America Licensing School, which is conducted after training on the third and fourth day of your time here.  A four day class also counts toward your Rally America license coefficients, allowing you to move up through the ranks much sooner than normal.

With Pricing set at $4,772 you’ll get the experience of a lifetime, and one that will change your driving forever.


Our 5-Day Courses are for people looking for a full immersion rally experience.  In addition to everything that you’ve learned in the first four days, Day 5 will start out with an introduction into stage notes and pace notes, the language that rally teams use to communicate the details of the road ahead.

You’ll be driving on a mix of familiar and unfamiliar terrain to get used to this system, before you’re put on some very long, challenging, and unfamiliar routes that accurately recreate an actual rally.  Our Day 5 course really is the most comprehensive and informative rally experience in the world, and is the best possible preparation for entering into the rally world.

Priced at $5,750, a 5-Day class here costs less than doing a rally. With 5 full days of seat time in a variety of vehicles with professional instruction and any vehicle damages covered, the choice should be quite simple.