Wyatt spends 5 minutes chatting with Ken Block as he visits Team O’Neil to test his infamous Ford Escort Cosworth in preparation for the New England Forest Rally. To view the video and discussion please click here!

MSN FEATURES TEAM O’NEIL recently featured one of Team O’Neil’s informative, fun YouTube videos on nitrogen vs. air in automotive tires.

Average Joe to Rally Pro

In the pursuit of his go-fast education, Tim O’Neil has destroyed hundreds of cars. But you don’t have to. In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where a teenage O’Neil first taught himself to dodge cops and drive like a moonshine runner, the five-time U.S. and North American rally champion can turn boring drivers into back-road demons—without having to dig your incisors out of the nearest oak tree. It’s called Team O’Neil Rally School, a 560-acre private playground carved from a reclaimed gravel pit.

Driving Subaru’s WRX STI Rally Car Will Melt Every Part Of Your Brain

Rallying is a nuanced art. It takes years of training to get to the level where you can drive an open class car like this Subaru WRX STI with a sequential gearbox and 500 pound feet of torque. But I didn’t have years of training. I had hours. And driving it has warped my brain forever.

How to Beat Up a Truck

FIRST OFF, is your truck ready for taking a beating? Check the vehicle’s history and see if that model has many available aftermarket parts.

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