How to Beat Up a Truck: According to Tim O’Neil, rally-race driver and founder of Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, New Hampshire

FIRST OFF, is your truck ready for taking a beating? Check the vehicle’s history and see if that model has many available aftermarket parts. If it can get three hundred thousan miles on the street and someone is making a lot of built-on accessories for it, then it’s a truck you can get a little rough with.

Finding a place to drive is one of the hardest parts. You want a nice and wide dirt roads and no traffic. Your best bet is to make friends with a realtor or developer who will give you access to a development area before they build the condos.

Once you’re in the right place with the right truck, don’t just start driving fast and wild. Try to completely rethink how you drive. For instance, train yourself to left-foot brake. It’s a tool. You’ll save time and be able to do more maneuvers. Everyone in the street does straightline threshold braking – they brake and let off the brake before they turn. That’s good if you’re trying to slow down, but in trail braking you might want to slow down and make a 90 degree turn at the end of a straightaway, so you need to brake in the turn. You carry way more speed into a corner, and when the corner tightens up you have a tool that makes you turn in better. Next, try linking corners. Most people look at only one corner at a time. If you start thinking in terms of three corners at a time. If you start thinking in terms of three corners at a time, when the corners are close you can use a pendulum turn and you can swing from one turn into the next. Of course, just spinning around is fun, but it’s good to know you’re improving. Otherwise, it’s like shooting a gun without a target. Time what you’re doing. Set up cones. Make goals.

The number-one key to beating the hell out of a truck is: Don’t do it alone. Besides, it’s more fun with company.

Original Article from Esquire Magazine

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