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Each day of our school builds directly on the last, you will continue to work on the skills you learned on Day Three. On Day Four, you’ll work in our skidpad and slalom areas but will spend a majority of your time tackling our more advanced roads. What separates Day Four from previous days here at the rally school is simply that you’ll be getting a serious amount of road time, perfecting the five types of braking, learning to read the terrain and ever-changing conditions, and testing your own limits on miles of mountainous rally roads. No other school in the country has elevation change even close to what you’ll experience here, as you’re swinging the car through the hills and valleys of our 583 acre facility. Click here to view a short video

On the fourth day, you will be working on more advanced techniques such as:

Our courses include use of our fully prepared rally cars, all required safety equipment, personalized course handbook, damage coverage on our vehicles, lunch/drinks/snacks, certificate upon course completion, individualized photo, and all of our rally school students receive a $30 credit towards official Team O’Neil Rally School merchandise. We also offer photo and video packages upon advance request.

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Call 603-444-4488 or email info@teamoneil.com if you have any questions.

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4-Day Rally School Cars


  • Front Wheel Drive platform of choice to introduce students to car control, left foot braking, weight transfer and rally driving
  • Used on course days 1-5
  • Improvements include: Hawk PC front pads, Koni adjustable sport dampers, Shroth safety belts, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Method Wheels, winter tires, Quaife ATB Limited Slip Diff, Rally Armor flaps, Wilwood Proportioning Valve, 5/8 Master Cylinder with assist delete, ABS/DSC disabled and roll cages on cars used on days 3-5.


  • Subaru Imprezas are your introduction to All-Wheel-Drive at Team O’Neil
  • Used on Days 2-5
  • Improvements include: Hawk brake pads, Koni adjustable sport dampers, winter tires, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, roll cage and other safety equipment.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 3 Series cars are powerful rear-wheel-drive vehicles ideal for learning RWD techniques
  • Used on days 3-5
  • Improvements include: Limited slip differential, Koni adjustable sport dampers, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, roll cage and other safety equipment.


  • The Fiesta ST is a lightweight, powerful, turbocharged Front Wheel Drive car
  • Used on days 4-5 when conditions and driver ability allows
  • Improvements include: Hawk brake pads, Mishimoto radiator, muffler delete, Method wheels, Koni adjustable sport dampers, Quaife differentials, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, roll cage and other safety equipment.

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