Snowmobile Training Course
$200 per person

Please call to schedule:


Snowmobile Training Course
Snowmobile Training Course

_mg_9407webOur new snowmobile training course is designed to give everyone from first-time to advanced riders more confidence and safety knowledge. The course provides specialized instruction before hitting the trails this winter, or for experienced riders to master new skills.

The course includes a brief classroom session, but focuses primarily on actual riding instruction. Among the skills covered are:
-safe trail riding and etiquette
-maneuvering around and over obstacles such as snowbanks and fallen trees
-proper acceleration/braking
-body positioning/control
-suspension and chassis adjustment.

Cost for the course is $200/student, per day. The course does not include use of a snowmobile. Participants must provide their own machine, which will enable them to improve their skills on the actual machine they will be using on the trails.

Courses are scheduled on weekends but can also be planned upon special request to accommodate families and groups. Courses are currently scheduled for:
-January 21-22
-February 5
-February 11-12
-March 11-12

Reservations are required and can be made by contacting Team O’Neil Rally School at 603-444-4488.

The course does not serve as a NH Safety Certification Class