Team O’Neil Rally School Founder and Owner Tim O’Neil recently announced Chris Cyr as partner and CEO of Team O’Neil. The change, effective immediately has allowed O’Neil to turn his attention to his true passion; training rally car drivers.

Moving forward, O’Neil and Team O’Neil Motorsports will offer customized training packages to qualified individuals who have completed the Team O’Neil 5-Day Rally School. This program is the result of ongoing requests from Rally School alumni. Ultimately, the program may include the opportunity to compete in a national-level rally competition.

The new Motorsport program leverages O’Neil’s firsthand knowledge and experience to mentor those just getting started, as well as lightly seasoned drivers working to move up the finish order. Rally racing is based on successfully getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The curriculum will have a priority on ensuring students successfully complete rallies and garner the seat time and experience required to continue to improve. More information can be found under “Motorsports” at

“With the ability to step back from day-to-day operations at the Rally School, I can now focus on enjoying introducing new participants to the sport of rally!”, stated Tim O’Neil.

With the refocus of Team O’Neil Motorsports, Team O’Neil has also entered into a partnership with Ryan Thompson of Thompson Racing Fabrication to provide rally car preparation and support services to Team O’Neil customers.

“From the tight knit community of rally car fabricators, Ryan’s mindset is like ours and does everything he can to help entry level teams get on the rally stages”, stated CEO Chris Cyr. “We have been working with Ryan for years and his level of quality and professionalism is unapparelled!”

For more information or any questions please call 603-444-4488 or visit

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