Tim O’Neil, the 1990 Mt. Washington Hillclimb overall winner and record holder, will be driving EVSR #02, a 100% electric race car, during the 2014 Subaru Mt. Washington Hillclimb set for June 26-29 at the Mt. Washington Auto Road in Gorham, NH. It will be the first fully electric race car to ever compete in the Mt. Washington Hillclimb which is celebrating its 110th anniversary this July as being one of the country’s oldest motorsports events. In addition to winning the Mt. Washington Hillclimb in 1990, O’Neil has won five U.S. and North American Rally Championships and was also a factory driver for Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. He is currently under contract with Ford.

In a recent conversation with EVSR Technical Director, Andrew Smith, about preparations for the upcoming Mt. Washington “Climb to the Clouds”, O’Neil said: “I’m really getting excited about driving the EVSR at Mt. Washington. The EVSR appeals to me as it will be the first all-electric race car in this event, and I like to be involved in first-time accomplishments. This technology is going to be a big part of the future of motorsport. I’m looking forward to the mid-engine (motored) configuration of the EVSR as I’ve never driven a mid-engine car in competition, so this will be a new challenge. I also welcome the challenge of needing to adapt quickly to the EVSR, as this is what we do and teach every day at the Team O’Neil Rally School and Car Control Center.”

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