Our Mission Statement:
Deliver the best training in a genuine manner, remaining humble enough to constantly improve. Ultimately, providing the tools required for all students, team, and our audience to meet their goals while having fun.

Having the word “Team” in our business name defines who we are. Our Team members are what sets Team O’Neil Rally School apart from other driver training schools. Team O’Neil includes instructors, mechanics and staff who are full-time, year-round team members. Improving our skills and knowledge; and yours as a result, is our passion.


Founded in 1997 by Tim O’Neil, Team O’Neil Rally School is located in Dalton, New Hampshire on 583 acres of alpine terrain. Elevation changes up to 500 feet over 6+ miles of roads and includes two 300-foot diameter gravel skid pads. Roads consist of 50+ different types and combinations of corners, blind crests and junctions, you are exposed to every driving challenge you may encounter in real-world conditions or on competition stages.

Course offerings include rally driving, winter safe driving, off-road and security courses for individuals, private companies and government agencies. Courses offer educational and recreational experiences appropriate for all abilities. Team O’Neil also operates the New England Forest Rally and is a primary supporter of the recently formed American Rally Association.

Divisions of Team O’Neil

Team O’Neil Rally School – The school serves as the leader in loose surface driver training for the United States.  Courses range in length from one to five days with a progressive curriculum allowing students to complete the school over multiple visits if you desire. Students train in front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. Training begins on a skid pad and slalom courses, as students progress they take the skills they have acquired and apply them to actual rally roads.  By day 5 you have the option to work with a navigator and run simulated rally stages.

Team O’Neil Security and Tactical Programs – Since the early days of Team O’Neil, the facility has provided training for military and high end customers for personal protection (driving, shooting, situational awareness). Driving tactics include skills few facilities offer such as precision immobilization technique (PIT Maneuvers), ramming, J-turns, 180 degree direction changes, and high-speed reversing. Recently Team O’Neil has installed its own shooting range. Our training provides access to professional firearms, and some of the finest defense and tactics training available in the world.

Team O’Neil Drift School – Team O’Neil’s drift driving course takes our 20 plus years of loose surface instruction to paved surfaces. The school introduces new participants to the sport, as well as helping intermediate drivers improve their skills. Students can rent a car supplied by Team O’Neil and ISC Suspension, or use your own vehicle. In addition to driver training, a focus is placed on proper car preparation. The course takes place at other facilities around New Hampshire during the summer months.

Corporate Outings: Team O’Neil allows partners to use the rally school as a venue for employee and customer incentives, VIP corporate outings, marketing purposes and other potential events. The experience is ideal when looking to surpass expectations!

New England Forest Rally – The New England Forest Rally (NEFR) is an annual two-day stage rally that for over 25 years has taken place on the back roads and logging tracks of Western Maine and Northern New Hampshire. The event welcomes over 5,000 spectators over several days.

Some spectator areas are known as “Super Specials”, these are stages that are specially designed to bring the action directly to the fans. Fans also attend rallies for festivities such as “Parc Exposé.” This is where all the teams parade their cars into an open area where fans can gather, mingle with the competitors, get autographs, and see the cars up close. A Rally Village features vendors, exhibitors, live music, food throughout the two days, and awards party and BBQ Saturday night.

Special Events: Team O’Neil Rally School regularly hosts special events. Every August we host RallyFest which welcomes several hundred rally enthusiasts to visit the school for a day of rally cars and various activities.

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