Drift Course Car Preparation - Team O'Neil Rally School

To bring your own car for the class, please prepare your car to the conditions stated below:

  1. The car MUST be RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)
  2. The car MUST have CLUTCH TYPE LSD (Limited Slip Differential) installed OR alternately, WELDED diff or spool.
  3. The car MUST be free from any fluid / oil / air leaks.
  4. The battery MUST be secured.
  5.  The seat / seat belts / harnesses MUST be properly secured and in good working condition.
  6. The E-BRAKE needs to be working condition: both rear brakes need to lock hard evenly when you pull the e-brake while you are driving.
  7. Please bring at least 2 sets of rear tires mounted on wheels to maximize your seat time, in addition to your commuter tires on the car if you are not towing.
  8. If there are any issues with your car during the class, we will NOT be responsible for any damages or time loss.
  9. Once the class starts, we will NOT be able to offer any refund or reschedule for any reasons.
  10. Steering angle modification is recommended but not required.

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