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    • All courses can be tailored to specific training requirements
    • Resumes for all Key Personnel are available on request
    • Asphalt and tarmac training available off site
    • Tactical scenarios available in after hours

Best driving course to learn control of all vehicles in the worst conditions. Best driving course I have ever been to.

Past Student

Team O'Neil is probably the best damn driving-school on the planet. It's also fun as hell.

The POI and instructors allow us to push the limits of the cars. Most schools are overly conservative, this school was not.

Past Student

The professionalism and expertise of the instructors is unparalleled.

Past Student

In the civilian world, rally is the sport of REAL CARS, on REAL ROADS, going REAL FAST. Rally driving techniques are intended for unpredictable surfaces, narrow, unknown roads and sudden, unpredictable surprises. Rally racing is not only about going fast but also preserving your vehicle. With decades of championship results we are the worlds best at training people how to get from A to B as quickly as possible without breaking down or crashing.

Course Overview

  • 2 to 1 student to instructor ratio for all driving portions
  • Mechanics 101/102 classes included to teach students vehicle empathy
  • Night training under white light and NVG (customer provides)
  • +500 acres facility with more than 6 miles of loose surface roads and 2 miles of off-road trails
  • +500 feet of elevation change
  • 200 x 300 foot skid pad and over 50 combinations of corners, crests, junctions
  • Snow and Ice training during winter months
  • Climate controlled classroom with full A/V capability
  • Two vehicles maintenance facilities on site
  • GSA Pricing, HUB Zone disadvantaged veteran owned small business
rally racing drifting race car driving school rallycross


  • Manual Transmission FWD, AWD, RWD vehicles
  • Manual and Automatic HCG
  • Rear seats in all the training vehicles
  • Custom installed roll bars for added protection
  • 4 point safety harnesses with every seat
  • 57 vehicles prepared and operational to ensure no down time during training
  • Trained and certified full time mechanics
  • Visual vehicle inspection every 4 hours, Full inspection every 12 hours of use

Off Road Driving

  • High angle ascent/descents/traverse
  • Side tilt and slopes
  • Off-Camber
  • Ditches and Logs
  • Terrain reading
  • Winching and recovery
  • Hill climb and failed hill climb