If you’re considering competing in stage rally, Team O’Neil Motorsports has the resources and knowledge to get you in the driver’s seat. Even if you have no racing experience we can walk you through every stage of the process including driver training, car builds/acquisition, event preparation and service at the rally itself.

Our Motorsports Team attends events across North America, preparing and crewing for multiple rally cars at any given rally. We are also one of the only teams in the country who can provide a full “rally rental” program for a season, allowing you to simply arrive at your events and concentrate on your duties as a driver.

If you have someone you want to put in a real rally car at a real rally we can also do that. This is great for team building, media exposure or providing an extreme reward that no one else can off­er. We also provide show car builds for products and companies who want a rally car for display.

We partner with Ford Performance and are the North American distributors for M-Sport rally parts and vehicles.

Build, Train and Race

Team O’Neil has the unique ability to take you from the first dreams of hitting competitive stages, to fielding your own rally car and having the training/experience behind the wheel to find success.

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Build Rally Cars

Team O’Neil has been building reliable, fun, and competitive rally cars for over 30 years and has all of the staff and facilities to make your rally car dream come true.

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Rally Car Parts

Looking for rally-specific performance parts for your street car or rally car project? Team O’Neil is the North American distributor for M-Sport Ford rally parts, as well as other products developed in-house at Team O’Neil for a variety of vehicles.

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