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Reading The Roads: How to Drive Unfamiliar Terrain

In the old days of rally racing, rallies were held over long distances and run with minimal information. Teams would race without the advantage of modern pace notes and reconnaissance laps, using only using a routebook to get from point A to B. This routebook would only contain directions for intersections and distances between them, … Continued

Easy Hill Starts With a Manual Transmission

The toughest part of driving any manual transmission car is starting on a hill, and the steeper the hill is, the more difficult it becomes. Especially in traffic, rolling backwards on a hill is sometimes simply not an option. The simplest way to start on a hill without fear of rolling back is simply to … Continued

Heel Toe Shifting Explained: Beginner to Advanced

Join us for an in-depth look at heel toe shifting, from beginner to advanced. Rev matching is a critical skill to have for performance driving, and heel toe shifting is one easy and practical way to accomplish this on the street, track, and rally stage.

Emergency CV Boot Repairs

Ripped and torn CV Boots are very common in rally and off road situations. The same is true for ball joint boots, tie rod boots, steering rack boots, and so on. Any soft rubber exposed under the vehicle will fail, especially when exposed to the harsh abuse of rally and off road style driving. For … Continued

Starting a Manual Transmission in Gear

There are several situations when starting in gear with a manual transmission would be appropriate and beneficial. This may require deleting or installing a manual switch to deactivate your car’s clutch start safety feature (standard equipment on most modern cars) or in the case of a Toyota Tacoma, there is already a “Clutch Start Cancel” … Continued

How To Do a Forward 180 With a Car

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to turn around in a hurry, the quickest and simplest way to turn around is to do a forward 180. Performing this maneuver consistently and accurately takes practice, but hopefully this video gives you a solid jumping-off point from which to try out this maneuver … Continued

Dialing In Off-Road Tire Pressure

Dialing in Your Off Road Tire Pressure Whenever your path takes you off the pavement, know that lowering your tire pressures will have a dramatic positive impact on your vehicle’s capability, longevity, and comfort.  The recommended tire pressures listed in your owner’s manual are meant for highway use, driving at relatively high speeds on smooth, … Continued

How 4WD Doubles Your Parking Brake

When you really need a good parking brake, get the best results by putting your vehicle in 4WD. When you are in 2WD, the parking brake only works on the rear wheels, where selecting 4WD links the front and rear axles together and you will essentially have a 4 wheel parking brake. This is useful … Continued

Winter Driving Explained

Winter weather produces the most dangerous road conditions most drivers are likely to face. With over 70% of Americans living where they’ll experience snow and ice this winter, If this season is anything like recent years, you can expect half a million car crashes on snowy or icy roads this year, add in wet roads … Continued

Tire Sizes Explained

Changing tire sizes will directly impact any vehicle’s performance, handling, and appearance. In order to make the most informed tire choices, drivers need to be familiar with industry standard tire measurements, as well as the predictable results that come with changing a tire’s width, aspect ratio, overall height, and weight.  Let’s dissect a common tire … Continued

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