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From: $1,400.00


Looking to get involved with drifting?  The Team O’Neil drift driving course can introduce you to the sport or help you progress your skills and move out of the C group.  We offer different levels of instruction that cater to everyone from beginners to intermediate drivers.

Team O’Neil’s drift driving course takes our 20 plus years of loose surface instruction to paved surfaces. The course takes place at other facilities (New Hampshire Motor Speedway normally). The course runs from approximately 9am-4pm each day.

New for 2019 our course will be available for 1 or 2 days. Many students requested to continue to a second day working on more advanced skills and having more fun as they got comfortable. (Students may do Day 1 and not participate on Day 2, but you cannot begin on Day 2 as we’ll be working on more advanced skills on Day 2).

Dates for 2019 will be announced soon!

Spend a weekend with us and you’ll learn the basics of car control, initiating the drift, drift angle, holding/carrying the drift, linking/transitions, lines and clipping points, vehicle setup, and what to expect when you attend a drift event.

Our pricing does include the use of our Drift vehicles. Team O’Neil provides several types of vehicles and is partnering with ISC Suspension to provide Nissan 350z drift cars and 3-series BMW’s.

We do allow students to also use your own drift vehicle to learn in if desired (discount offered, call us for details). This allows you to learn your vehicle’s handling characteristics, get suggestions from qualified techs on your vehicle setup, and get ready to maximize your enjoyment at events. Click here to learn about how to prepare your vehicle.

If you have your own helmet we ask you to bring that, helmets need to be SA2010+, we will have some loaner helmets on hand as well. We do ask that students are comfortable driving a manual transmission, it will improve your experience. Our one-day rally school can also serve as an introduction to manual transmissions.


(If using your own vehicle, we will inspect the car prior to the course to ensure it is safe, please contact with any questions and discounting information. We encourage students to use a drift-specific vehicle as opposed to a daily driver but some exceptions may be made.)

603-444-4488 or email if you have any questions.

-Tim O’Neil & Staff

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