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Team O’Neil has been teaching low speed, technical off-road driving for over 20 years. Our instructors are some of the best in the country and have decades of off-road experience. The value of left foot braking off-road is something too often overlooked by drivers, and proper technique in all off road situations is often the only way to safely and consistently make it to the end of the trail with a working vehicle underneath you.

Our purpose-built off road trail network and curriculum will give you a basic understanding of left foot braking and teach you the fundamentals of off-roading, and our miles of trails range from beginner to intermediate, with several advanced areas that will challenge even the most experienced drivers.

We utilize a fleet of Jeep Cherokees to incorporate high-center-of-gravity training at varied speeds. Students also learn master winching + recovery and simple mechanical techniques including vehicle empathy.

Currently our off-road courses are only offered on a group basis. Please contact us below for further information.

Team O’Neil’s Off-Road Course Offers:

  • Basic 4×4 skills
  • Vehicle Capability
  • Uphills, Downhills & Side tilts
  • Articulation
  • Multiple mechanical sessions including vehicle empathy
  • Ditches, Logs, Mud, Water, Sand, Rock/Rough Terrain, Snow & Ice
  • Winching and Recovery Techniques

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Off-Road Driving Course Cars


  • Used in our security and loose surface mobility courses for high center of gravity training
  • Driver training includes high-speed driving on loose surface roads and technical maneuvers on our network of off-road trails
  • Also used for vehicle recovery training, winching, and vehicle sympathy
  • Improvements include: Two inch lift, Koni Adjustable Heavy Track Dampers, poly bushings, Rusty's adjustable control arms, track bar, transmission cross member, 31" tires, Hawk brake pads, 6061 Aluminum skid plate, Rally Armor flaps, roll cage and other safety equipment.

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